• Be the leading talent management agency in East Africa


  • Protect the rights and interests of Ethiopian talents
  • Ensuring the just and worthy compensation for Ethiopian talents

Core values

  • Trustworthy
  • Resilient
  • Dependable

Gorilla Talent

The creative industry has a problem of proper and trustworthy representation with the status of the industry in each country defining the degree of severity. In Ethiopia, artists have long been exploited by different stakeholders in the sector; be it music, film, or any kind of creative talent. Proper representation has been a huge problem for artists especially musicians in the country. Gorilla Talent as one part business unit of Gorilla Media thrives to represent its artists in all of their business interactions providing them the freedom to focus on their art and craftsmanship. Since our establishment we have had the privilege to sign Hewan Gebrewold; who started her solo career recently after years of being part of the first Ethiopian rock band Jano. We have signed Negestat; a phenomenal rap duo that is expected to release their debut EP in the next month. We work together with our artists to make sure their rights and interests are duly protected in the ever-changing music industry.

Gorilla Studio

The need for tailor-made coherent communication strategies and branding for our artists has created the demand for the establishment of the second business unit in Gorilla Media. Gorilla Studio comprises a creative team that works to brand our artists and give them a uniform and consistent identity highlighting what they truly stand for as an artist and a performer. Gorilla Studio works not just for our artists but operates to give our external clients the utmost creative communication strategies; including branding, design, and production works as well. We have experience in branding from our team’s background in agencies in the country and production while working for one of the front-runner TV stations, Kana TV.

Gorilla Event

The event management arm of Gorilla Media aims to put together unforgettable experiences in our journey. We have designed branded events such as “Let us go bananas” aligning with our raw and jungle identity which will have its first edition in the next few months. We have successfully hosted a photo exhibition Dusk/Dawn featuring two young photographers who have taken pictures of the sunrise and sunset in their different travels across the city and country. Gorilla Event will also feature quarterly music events that will showcase our own and external artists giving the music family the perfect ten musical experience.

We keep it jungle!